We are a diverse group of women architects, urban planners, and activists interested in rethinking cities, neighborhoods and architecture in order to eliminate gender discrimination. We work to build cities that reflect the diversity of our society by creating inclusive spaces.

Col·lectiu Punt 6 is an organization that works from a gender perspective, and seeks to account for women’s everyday life experience. This vision, inclusive with the rest of our society, considers the participation as an essential instrument in projects and sustainability as basic criteria of development.

Areas of work of Col·lectiu Punt 6:


We foster public active participation, and in particular women’s participation, because it is essential to analyze and highlight everyday life experiences in the urban environment.


We conduct feminist research on the intersection of gender and urban planning.

We have conducted research on housing, women’s safety, women’s history in architecture, participatory methodologies, among other topics.


We conduct training programs and workshops with government leaders, policy makers, and city planners about the benefits of including a gender perspective in architecture and urban planning.

We disseminate and support the Law for Neighborhood Improvement (2004), the first law in Spain that explicitly requires planning from a gender perspective. Col·lectiu Punt 6 has developed tools for municipal governments to implement and comply with this innovative regulation.


We collaborate with other organizations within Spain and internationally.

We foster networking and exchange between women’s organizations.


We contribute to urban projects from a gender perspective through participatory processes, from the diagnosis to the evaluation.

We participate in the interdisciplinary discourse that cities build today.

For more information:

Portfolio Col·lectiu Punt 6 English

CV_PUNT6_what we do_2016

Planning from Below: using feminist participatory methods to increase women’s participation in planning, Gender & Development

Women Working. Urban assessment guide from a gender perspective.

Col·lectiu Punt 6, August 2015

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